Taipei is undeniably known for its amazing nightlife, with diverse options of pubs and nightclubs to suit every party goer. Taipei was even ranked higher than New York City, London, and Paris for the best place to countdown into 2015 this year. But with so many options, how do you know what spot to hit up this Wednesday night?

Here’s everything you need to know about what Taipei has planned for welcoming the new year!


As usual, fireworks will be set off from Taipei 101. The building management made a handy list of places that are ideal to see the fireworks, including riverside parks and the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. Check out the list here.

This year’s fireworks will be 218 seconds long, with 23,000 individual rounds, with a budget of NT$38 million. (TRIVIA!)

The weather forecast for the night of New Year’s Eve is 10-13 degrees Celsius. Although it’s not expected to rain, don’t forget to bundle up against the cold!

Countdown Parties

Neon All Night @ ATT Showbox

Entry: $1800 at the door (includes free drinks before midnight)
No. 12, Songshou Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110
MRT: Taipei 101 or Taipei City Hall Stations


2013 Last Party Night @ Babe 18

Entry: NT$500 (girls), NT$900 (guys) before 23:30; NT$800 (girls), NT$1200 (guys) after 23:30
Address: B1, No. 18, Songshou Road, Xinyi District
MRT: Taipei 101 or Taipei City Hall Stations


12.31 NYE with Blind Acid Date + Open-jam Night @ Bobwundaye

Entry: $300 (includes 1 beer)
Address: No.77, Heping East Road Section 3, Xinyi District
MRT: Liuzhangli


Final Countdown @ Box Nightclub

Entry: NT$350 (girls), NT$600 for (guys) before 23:00; NT$500 (girls), NT$800 (guys) after 23:00
Address: B1, No. 67 Roosevelt Rd., Sec. 2
MRT: Guting Station


00:01 New Years Party @ Chess Taipei

Entry: NT$1000 (pre-sale), NT$1500 (at the door)
Address: No. 297, 2F Zhongxiao East Road, Section 5, Xinyi District
MRT: Yongchun Station


New Year Party @ M Taipei

Entry: NT$1000 (pre-sale), NT$1200 (at the door)
Address: 3F-3, No. 456, Sec. 4, Xinyi Rd, Xinyi District
MRT Station: Xinyi Anhe Station



Entry: NT$600 before 00:00,  NT$200 after 00:00 (includes 1 drink)
Address: B1, No. 200, Roosevelt Rd
MRT: Gongguan Station



Entry: NT$1000 before 23:00, NT$1300 after 23:00 (includes 2 drinks)
Address: 5F, No. 201, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Road
MRT: Zhongxiao Dunhua Station


All Belle Vogue Party @ Pacha Taipei

Entry: NT$900 (guys), NT$600 (girls)
Address: 12F, No. 138, Section 4, Bade Rd, Songshan District
MRT: Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall Station


2014 Final Party @ Revolver

Entry: NT$300 from 21:00, NT$200 after 01:00
Address: No.1-2, Sec. 1, Roosevelt Rd, Zhongzheng Distrct
MRT: Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Station


Roxy 99

Entry: NT$500 (includes 4 drinks)
Address: No. 27, Section 2, Fùxīng South Rd, Daan District
MRT: Daan Station


New Year’s Eve Party with Jelly Roll Affair @ Sappho Live

Entry: $600 (pre-sale), $700 (at the door), includes 1 drink
Address: B1, No. 1, lane 102, An-He Rd. Sec. 1, Xinyi District
MRT: Xinyi Anhe Station


Shine On New Year’s Eve Party @ W Taipei

Entry: NT$1000 (pre-sale), NT$1500 (at the door)
Address: No. 10, Zhongxiao East Road Sec. 5, Xinyi District
MRT: Taipei City Hall Station





Taipei City has decided to operate the MRT services for 24 hours during the New Year’s celebration. City buses are also set to keep running until 2 o’clock.

Both Taipei City Hall and Taipei 101 MRT stations will be closed, and commuters are advised to take the next surrounding ones at SYS Memorial Hall, Yongchun, Xinyi Anhe or Xiangshan.

Click here for more details about the schedule.


Youbike services surrounding the Taipei 101 area will be closed between 20:00 December 31 until 06:00 of January 1. The stations closed include:

For more details about this, click here.

Have fun!!! And stay safe!