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We’re all used to seeing foreign food and beverage chains pop up in Taiwan — from KFC to Mos Burger to Starbucks — but can a Taiwanese brand gain mass appeal abroad? Today on the show we’re going to speak to a company that is trying to do just that, and has already made some pretty big strides.

Tea Store Chain Chatime has set up locations in more than 80 cities in 29 different countries, and was recently named as one of the “Brands of the Year” at the World Branding Awards.


The company has said it is trying to internationalize and modernize Taiwan’s tea, so on this episode we sit down with company spokesman James Lin to learn just how they plan to do it.


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Recommended Reading

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And this review gives you a sense of what you can expect inside a Chatime tea shop. (The one featured here is in London!)

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