Hi, my name is Lena, and I haven’t been on Youtube for 24 minutes (my new record).

I confess I am completely and utterly addicted to the Internet. If there’s a viral video out there, I most likely have seen it and can recite it back to you. This symptom is a side effect of having unlimited 4G data on my smartphone, which comes so ridiculously cheap in this digital-friendly kingdom of Taiwan. My new position as a contributor to the ICRT blog might be the death of all my analog brain cells, and triumph for the blogoholic endorphins.

I began working at ICRT about a month ago as their on-demand graphic designer, and the occasional baker. I love music – to the point where I rush home just so I can sing a song that’s been stuck in my head out loud. My ideal weekend is watching videos on Youtube in pajamas and long walks on the beach. My love for music ranges in many, sometimes contradictory, genres, perhaps a symptom of Taiwanese/American cultural and racial confusion. I will most likely be blogging about music, unless I find a really awesome cat video that would be an abomination not to be shared. Stay tuned!