Celebrities and public figures in Taiwan followed the Internet sensation of dousing themselves with a bucket of ice water, in order to raise awareness about a paralyzing disease.

Local tycoon Terry Gou took the Ice Bucket Challenge in New Taipei alongside people fighting amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease), and volunteers from the Taiwan Motor Neuron Disease Association, which treats people with ALS.

Taiwanese-American basketball player Jeremy Lin and Taiwan tennis ace Lu Yen-hsun also took on the challenge earlier Tuesday.

Lin took his own approach in a video posted to Facebook, in which he is tossed into the ocean from a beach.

The challenge spread to Taiwan from the United States, where it has drenched major public figures such as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and pop star Lady Gaga.


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Image via Taipei Times