At a press conference on Tuesday, Luc Besson credited the Taiwan people with injecting new life into the island.

Luc Besson and his producer wife Virginie Silla visited Taipei in October to shoot the director’s latest film “Lucy.”

After returning to the island to attend the film’s premiere at Taipei’s Vieshow IMAX Cinema, the cinematic power couple held a press conference at Regent Taipei yesterday.

Silla says filming in Taiwan was focused and efficient. The teams from Taiwan and France worked seamlessly together–Besson compared their rapport to that of a soccer team.

He says on a scale from 1 to 10, he would give Taiwan a 12.

Taipei scenery is featured in more than half of the film, which runs 89 minutes. Taipei filmgoers are sure to be captivated from Lucy‘s opening scene, which presents popular dumpling joint Ding Tai Feng.

Other landmarks captured on film include Regent Taipei, Taipei 101, and Taoyuan airport.


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Image via Channel News Asia