The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has caught the attention of celebrities worldwide, including Bill Gates, Robert Downey Jr. and Taiwan’s Terry Guo, raising funds and awareness for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

For 48 hours, ICRT asked listeners to donate to the Taiwan Motor Neuron Disease Association and then vote for the ICRT DJ they would most like to see get drenched by a bucket of ice cold water.

DJ Joey also spoke with the Association on air about ALS and what people can do to help.

On this warm and sunny Friday afternoon, we crowned DJ Terry the winner of the ICRT ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, with his fans raising the most funds for ALS patients and research in Taiwan.

DJs Joseph and Joey also took part in the challenge, nominating ICRT’s General Manager Tim Berge to complete the challenge within not 24 hours, but 24 seconds.

For more information about ALS and how you can help, check out the Taiwan Motor Neuron Disease Association’s website, where you can also make a donation online. A big thank you to all the listeners and fans who took part in the event and made it possible!