A culinary mash-up called “Pudding Ramen” (布丁拉麵) has made headlines in the United States after it was featured in the Los Angeles Times.

The sweet and savory invention – which is fast becoming a craze in here Taiwan – is made by stirring an egg pudding into a bowl of steaming hot instant noodles.

Local food bloggers here in Taiwan have termed it the “creamy version” of cup noodles – saying the addition of egg pudding with the instant noodles creates a taste similar to pork broth, also known as tonkotsu, ramen.

While not everyone is a fan of the new food, most bloggers are in agreement that cold pudding and hot noodles balance out to a “comfortably warm” snack with a nice blend of salty and sweet.

Locals have even adapted the concoction by adding aiyu jelly, douhua or milk instead of egg pudding.