Taiwanese singer-songwriter Jay Chou says he will get married before his 36th birthday in January next year.

Answering reporters’ questions about his marriage plans before a Golden Melody music lecture in Taipei, Chou said he is a “man of his word” and will “definitely” get married by January.

Chou also revealed that he will release a new album in September and has finished composing five or six songs for the album.

Chou said he has yet to propose to his 20-year-old Taiwanese-Australian girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan but will think of a romantic way to pop the question.

Chou and Quinlivan were pictured visiting a night market in Kaohsiung and touring Tamsui in New Taipei this month, sparking rumors that the two will get hitched soon.

The couple have been under media scrutiny since they were spotted together in public in 2011.

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