War Thunder (WT) is the new generation online game. Players can operate famous WWII fighting vehicles that includes airplanes like P-51D Mustang, Spitfire, A6M2 Zero, also tanks like Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger I, T-34/85. Yesterday, WT announced mixed battles officially begun on May 30, which means each player from both side can bring a fight plane and a tank (some tanks has one extra respawn).

WT has three different game modes: Arcade, Real, Simulator. Mixed battles with German and Russian ground vehicles are only available in both Real and Simulator, but the combat was really intense!  Each round, ground forces have to capture strategic points for victory, players can decide either plane or tank he/she should start with.

The first game I flew Bf-109E1 to protect our bombers, but E1 had poor firepower. After got shot downed, I switched to Pz. Kpfw. III tank. I have to say… I don’t have the talent driving tanks, got my butt kicked very, very hard…

So in the second game, I decided to switch my fighter to FW-190A5, a higher rank, much powerful propeller German fighter. However, all of my tanks were still in tier 2, while FW-190 A5 was in tier 3, that meant I’d meet a terrible situation if I got shot downed. Fortunately it did happen, my team dominated the air space, but we still lost in the end for not enough tanks.

But I’d suggests players better have the same tier airplanes and tanks playing Mixed Battles, while either one of the vehicles is destroyed, you won’t drive a lower tier one dragging your team downed.

One drawback I don’t really appreciate is that the AA guns operated by AIs are too accurate! One time I saw a player was shot downed just in the beginning of the game! I know WT tries to make balance they don’t want to make airplanes too powerful, but I would suggest they make some balance for those AIs.

Overall,  Mixed battle is a real fun game mode in War Thunder. I wish they can release the other ground unit from the rest countries.

If you like WWII vehicles, War Thunder is an awesome game you should not miss!