S’up, I’m Benjamin! Working as a Chinese copywriter in ICRT. That means every time you hear those annoying Chinese commercials… that’s right! I DID IT!

But writing commercials is a fun thing to do, I can brainstorm some crazy plots, and gain some knowledge I’d never get involved to. Overall, it’s a really cool job!

I’m kinda nerdy guy who likes play video games, reading comic books and go to the movies… also play badminton, war games (BB guns), table tennis for sports! And I love cats, too! Mostly I’d love to share my hobbies and some cat stories with you in this blog!

Occasionally I like to travel alone with my favorite scooter Yamaha S Max! Now I’m planning to make a road trip with it! So if you know somewhere nice, be sure let me know, okay? 😉

Make sure give me some comments/feedback if you have any opinions! Once again, nice to meet ya’all!