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Super Bowl--Where and When to Watch It in Taiwan 超級盃

Super Bowl–Where and When to Watch It in Taiwan 超級盃

Taiwan’s sports fans will be able to watch live broadcast of Super Bowl, the biggest sporting event in the U.S., on Chung-hwa Telecom’s M-O-D next Monday morning (Feb. 5). Elta TV says the exclusive coverage is scheduled to kick off at 7 AM on M-O-D’s channel 202 and runs until 11AM. The re-run starts at...Continue reading
Michael Jackson's "Xscape"

Michael Jackson’s “Xscape”

A few months ago, when the world first caught wind of a new Michael Jackson album making it’s way back from the graves, it wasn’t hard to imagine that mixed feelings were involved, especially after a common discontent with the 2010 release of “Michael”, which still leaves a bad taste in the mouths of his...Continue reading