Bite the Bullet-咬緊牙關

To bite the bullet:  咬緊牙關; To get something unpleasant over with because it is necessary to do so. (To bite the bullet in a scenario is to perform the task regardless of its impact).


  • The students have decided to bite the bullet and study for the test.
  • The couple decided to bite the bullet and sell their home in order to move to a retirement home

(Reuters, 2022/7/8)

Chinese firms are staying put in Russia for the moment despite a growing exodus of Western companies – albeit bracing for growing uncertainty – taking a cue from Beijing’s stance of refraining from criticizing Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine.



Chinese firms are likely pausing to assess their supply chain’s vulnerability given the “devilishly complicated” nature of the foreign direct product rules. At least for now, it appears that China Inc is trying to conduct business as usual in Russia and is ready to bite the bullet.(by Josh Horwitz, Correspondents)


(New York Times, 2022/3/9)

It’s hard to imagine “The Godfather” without Al Pacino. His understated performance as Michael Corleone, who became a respectable war hero despite his corrupt family. The actor was a rising star of New York theater with just one movie role, in the 1971 drug drama “The Panic in Needle Park,” when Francis Ford Coppola fought for him, against the wishes of Paramount Pictures, to play the ruminative prince of his Mafia epic.


In an interview with Pacino, he talked about his first meeting with Coppola. “He saw me onstage but I never met him. He had written “Patton” by that time, and he sent me a script for a wonderful love story he had written [which was never produced]. He wanted to see me. That meant I had to get on a plane and go to San Francisco, which is something I was not used to. I thought, is there any other way to go? I can’t tell this guy to come all the way back here, can I? So I said I’ll bite the bullet and I went. I spent five days with him.”(By Dave Itzkoff, Reporter)



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