Come hell or high water—無論天崩地裂,不論發生何事 This is used to say that something will definitely happen or be done even though other events or situation might make it difficult. (It means one is determined to get it done no matter what.)


  • I’ll get you to the airport by noon, come hell or high water!
  • Come hell or high water, I intend to buy my own apartment.

(Network Indiana, 2021/08/16)

President Biden taking a beating from GOP regarding Taliban takeover  塔利班接收 共和黨抨擊拜登總統

The Biden administration is taking a beating from Republicans for the fall of Afghanistan to Taliban forces, including criticism from some lawmakers who represent Indiana in Washington.

“It seems like the Biden administration is gonna do what they’re gonna do come hell or high water, regardless of the results,” said Sen. Mike Braun, a Republican, on Fox Business Channel, Monday, shortly before Pres. Biden’s speech on the Afghan fall.

拜登政權因為阿富汗落入塔利班之手,遭到共和黨大肆抨擊,其中包括印第安那州在華府的民意代表。共和黨聯邦參議員Mike Braun星期一接受福斯商業頻道訪問時說,拜登政府似乎不管天崩地裂,就是一定要做它打算要做的事。這項訪問在拜登就阿富汗淪陷發表演講之前不久播出。

Hero NYC delivery man kept pushing through floodwater, video shows

(New York Post, 2021/09/03) He’ll get them their food — come hell or high water.

A heroic Brooklyn delivery man was captured in jaw-dropping footage schlepping takeout through flood water during the historic storm that swamped the Big Apple — and now the internet is on a mission to find him and “tip” him.

The gutsy Grubhub worker was seen clutching a white plastic bag of food and rolling his electric bike through several feet of water in Williamsburg amid catastrophic flooding triggered by Hurricane Ida, according to a video posted on Twitter by photographer Johnny Miller.

“And through it all! @Grubhub delivery still out there bringing your dinner #ida #flooding #brooklyn,” he captioned the now-viral footage.

Miller, who was offered $1,700 by media outlets to license the video, vowed to give the money to the mystery worker and spent several hours trying to track him down to no avail, he said.


拍攝到這段影片並且放上推特的攝影師Johnny Miller說,這家Grubhub 餐廳的勇敢員工抓著裝食物的白色袋子,騎著或推著他的電動腳踏車,在Ida颶風引發的水患中,積水好幾英尺的威廉斯堡街道上往前走。Miller的推特標題是[仍然出門,為你送晚餐],結果在網路上瘋傳。媒體付給Miller一千七百美金買他這支影帶的使用權,他決心要找到這名員工,把這筆錢給他,但是他說花了好多時間仍然找不到。

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Photos: FT, NY Post