play it by ear 見機行事: to improvise or to do something without preparation; to decide how to deal with a situation as it develops, rather than acting according to plans made earlier

1) I don’t know we would end up tonight, so let’s just play it by ear.
2) “I can’t tell you what to expect.” “Don’t worry. I’ll play it by ear.

(India Times, 2021/07/08)

Wary of third wave, handset companies play it by ear on fresh hiring


Recruiters and handset makers remain cautious on hiring amid fears of a third wave of Covid-19 and as recruiting fully vaccinated employees becomes a challenge.

The industry body, India Cellular Electronics Association (ICEA), says the five-year initial target was to create 200,000 permanent and 300,000 temporary jobs. ICEA represents Apple, iPhone makers Foxconn, Wistron and other manufacturers like Lava, UTL and Optiemus, among others.


(Los Angeles Times, 2020/07/06)

In England, the monarch is the head of state but not the head of government. This distinction allows the monarchy to stay above the partisan fray and be a relatively uniting institution for the whole country. In the U.S., presidents play it by ear; they are sometimes party leaders and sometimes leaders of the whole country. Historically, they are everyone’s president on the Fourth of July. For Trump, however, the holiday handed him free campaign air time and little more.


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Photos: Indian TImes; Los Angeles Times