A fly on the wall – 隱密觀察,牆上的蒼蠅

One who is able to observe something closely but invisibly and without interfering in the situation.
1) I would love to be a fly on the wall in John’s house when he finds out his wife bought a new car without telling him.
2) For six months, a BBC film crew worked on a fly-on-the-wall documentary about their forthcoming marriage.
(CNN, 2021/1/29)

Queen Elizabeth II lunches with Prince Philip and their children Princess Anne and Prince Charles at Windsor Castle in Berkshire, circa 1969.

An infamous 1969 fly-on-the-wall documentary about the British royal family, supposedly banned by Queen Elizabeth II for decades for giving the public an overly intimate view of the royals, has been mysteriously leaked onto YouTube.

The film provided an unprecedented look inside the royal households and was watched by millions when it first aired on the BBC. But it was subsequently stashed in the corporation’s archives, reportedly at the request of Buckingham Palace, and hasn’t been aired since the 1970s.

It isn’t known how the program, titled “Royal Family,” was unearthed or who posted it to YouTube. The video was swiftly removed from the video-sharing platform after a copyright request was made.

In the film, the monarch reportedly compares the US ambassador to a gorilla. “There was a gorilla. I had the most terrible trouble … he had short body, long arms.” The BBC estimates more than 350 million watched it worldwide.


這個名叫[王室]的110分鐘電視節目如何被挖掘出來,又或者是被誰貼上了YouTube, 目前都無從得知。在有人詢問版權問題之後,這部影片很快就被移除。英國女王在此節目談到美國駐倫敦大使,把他比喻成大猩猩,說他身體短,手臂卻很長。BBC估計全球大約有三億五千萬人在看過此節目。

Photos: wiki, CNN
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