Step to the Plate: 開始行動,上場表現

  • To move into batting position, to move next to the home plate (本壘板) in order to bat
  • To come forward and take responsibility for something; to take action when something needs to be done


  1. He finally stepped up to the plate and asked Kate to marry him.
  2. If you really want this promotion, you will have to step up to the plate and improve your performance.

(the Guardian, 2021/03/18)

The British foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, has stressed he expects Australia to “stretch” climate commitments and set out a plan to meet them before a major summit later this year.

The Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, continues to shift how he talks about the climate crisis without making new commitments to address it. But Raab expressed confidence the Morrison government would “step up to the plate” on climate.

英國外交部長Dominic Raab強調他期望看到澳大利亞加強它在氣候方面的承諾,並且在今年十一月一場重要的高峰會舉行之前,提出怎麼實現那些承諾的計畫。


(South China Morning Post, 2021.04.08)

(….) Australia’s trade minister has told Australian businesses to “step up to the plate” in repairing ties with China amid the worst bilateral relations between the two countries in decades, as he put forth recommendations on how Australia can better engage with Asia.

On Wednesday, Dan Tehan launched a final joint report by Asia Society Australia and the Business Council of Australia, detailing how Australian businesses, the government and academia can work together to increase trade in Asia via a “Team Australia’’ approach.

澳洲貿易部長在中澳關係淪落數十年來最低點的時刻,敦促澳洲企業著手改善跟中國的關係,這是他建議澳洲如何跟亞洲接軌的一部份。Dan Tehan部長在周三提出澳大利亞亞洲社團和澳洲商會所做的聯合報告,列出澳洲企業,政府跟學界該如何合作來加強跟亞洲的貿易。

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