Blow someone/something out of the water: 粉碎,徹底擊垮 to show that something is totally false or someone is totally wrong, to destroy or defeat something or someone completely

Examples: 1) This new evidence will blow the prosecutor’s case out of the water.

2) She blew Kevin out of the water in their debate yesterday.

(CNN, 2020/1/31)

Amazon blew Wall Street’s expectations out of the water when it reported earnings for the holiday quarter, sending the company’s stock up over 12.5% in after-hours trading.

The company posted profits of $3.3 billion — or $6.47 per share — compared to analysts’ expectations of $2 billion and $4.03 per share. Amazon’s revenue shot up 21% to $87.4 billion for the three months ending in December.



(the Telegraph, 2020/2/5) In her barely-there Versace bodysuits and black leather chaps ensemble, J-Lo blew out of the water every notion of what 50 should look like.

Jennifer Lopez(在今年超級盃的表演) 穿著幾近衣不蔽體的Versace緊身衣,以及另外一套全身黑色的皮衣,粉碎了人們對於五十歲女性看起來該是什麼樣子的概念。

Photos: WSJ, the Telegraph

Sound (中文解說): ICRT newsblog