To win hands down: to win something easily or decisively輕易獲勝,贏得決定性的勝利。(也可以說to beat someone hands down)


  • We were unprepared for our last game, and the other team won hands down.
  • The Palace Hotel wins hands down for both comfort and location.
  • He said he would beat me hands down. He didn’t.

(the Local, 2016/7/14)

‘If Germany could vote, Hillary would win hands down’  德國若投票,希拉蕊鐵贏

 Germans think Donald Trump would be a disaster for the USA and the rest of the world, argues Hamburg professor Dr. Harry Friebel in an opinion piece for The Local.



(AsiaNews.IT, 2019/11/25)

Activist Joshua Wong had been banned from competing as a candidate, accused of supporting Hong Kong’s independence (which he denied). The pro-democracy candidate who replaced him won hands down.

Executive chief Carrie Lam acknowledged that the results show voters’ disappointment with current social conditions and long-standing problems. She has promised that the government will hear the message of the people.


Soundbite(中文解說): ICRT podcast

Photos: the Local, Irish Times, Asia News