Go bananas (Go nuts): to become irrational or crazy, angry or excited, to lose control 抓狂,氣瘋,高興瘋了


1) If I’m home late again my dad will go bananas.

2) She went bananas when I told her the news—she just couldn’t stop jumping up and down.

(CNN, 2016/09/01) This Chinese Fruit Juice Stock is Going Bananas! 中國果汁股票瘋漲!

Odds are you probably haven’t heard of SkyPeople Fruit Juice. The company, headquartered in the Chinese city of Xi’an, is puny. Its market value is just $42 million U.S. dollars. But SkyPeople Fruit Juice does have shares listed in the U.S. on the Nasdaq.

And it has been one of the hottest stocks on the market. Shares have doubled in the past week and are up more than 135% this year.


(Vox, 2018/07/5)

On June 25, Axios’s Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei took readers inside Donald Trump’s “winning, cynical plan.”They argued that “the more President Trump does, says and tweets outrageous things, the more his critics go bananas and the better he does in the polls.”

The evidence for this was that Trump had hit 45 percent in Gallup’s presidential approval tracker— a personal high for him, though he’s since slipped back to 42 percent. More impressively, Trump’s approval among Republicans is hovering around 90 percent.



Sounds (中文講解): ICRT podcast

Photos: CNN, NBCNews