razzle dazzle: 

1) noisy and noticeable activity or very colorful appearance, intended to attract attention 熱鬧鋪張,華麗誇耀的活動

Amid all the razzle-dazzle of the political party convention, it’s easy to forget what the real issues are.

2) elaborate action or maneuvers designed to deceive or confuse an opponent, as in a sports contest 炫技花招

It’s a team relying more on power and speed than razzle-dazzle.

(ESPN, 2017/2/16)

Are you ready for the razzle (and) dazzle of the NBA All Star Weekend? The brightest and biggest show put on during the regular season, with the best of the best getting together to put their skills on display.

With three games taking place and then the skills competitions, there are plenty of talking points. We look at what you can’t afford to miss on ESPN, and suggest who will emerge victorious.

你準備好要看炫技的周末NBA全明星賽了嗎? 這是例行賽季中最盛大最亮眼的表演,百裡挑一的最佳球員都將齊聚一堂,展現他們的無敵美技。全明星賽將舉行三場,另外還有技巧賽,夠大家說嘴的了。ESPN會為你挑選不能錯過的賽事,並告訴你誰會贏。

(CNN, 2017/10/27)

President Donald Trump’s declaration of the opioid epidemic as a public health emergency Thursday is a key step in curbing the problem, as it helps redirect funds and ease state laws for those fighting on the front lines, according to public health experts and medical professionals. (…)

Dr. Halena Gazelka, a physician who chairs the Mayo Clinic’s Opioid Stewardship Program, says, “After the razzle dazzle and public interest dies down—and after politicians have ceased to make a name for themselves and moved on to other pressing concerns—the fight must go on.”


梅約醫院鴉片類藥物管理計畫主席Gazelka醫生說: [等那些熱鬧花招,大眾興趣都降低,還有政治人物停止替自己造勢,轉向別的議題之後,我們仍須繼續奮鬥。]

Sound (中文解說): ICRT podcast

Photos: TVinsider, Huffington Post