Kick the can down the road: to postpone or defer a definitive action, decision, or solution, usually by effecting a short-term one instead, especially in politics  拖延決策,延緩決定

Example: It looks as though Congress is going to kick the can down the road again on the gun control issue, but they’ll have to find a solution eventually.

Trump delays decision on steel and aluminum tariffs (BBC, 2018/05/01)


It was the deadline that wasn’t. After a week-long charm offensive from both French President Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, the Trump administration has decided to kick the can down the road.

This delay gives the administration more time to convince trading partners to perhaps consider quotas in lieu of tariffs – a concession to which South Korea has already agreed.


(CNN, 2018/01/16)

Clock ticking toward shutdown as Congress returns to one big spending mess


On Capitol Hill, Republicans and Democrats have been in spending standoffs before. Just before the last spending deadline, the holidays seemed to bring lawmakers together to at the very least kick the can down the road. It’s often the case that looming deadlines can often jolt both sides back to the negotiating table. But both sides acknowledge that politics are a bit trickier this time around. (…)


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