Charm offensive: a calculated attempt using charm or flattery to gain favor or achieve some goal, especially in the political or diplomatic field 魅力攻勢

Examples: 1) A charm offensive is currently underway to convince him not to quit.

2) Microsoft went on a charm offensive to win over open source programmers.

(South China Morning Post, 2017/12/11)

Will Xi Jin-ping’s Charm Offensive Win over China’s Wary Neighbors?


Douglas H. Paal says Beijing is softening its diplomatic approach to head off the possibility of an anti-China coalition forming on its doorstep, even as America’s influence and interest in the region wanes. 包道格指出,即使美國在東亞的影響力以及利益逐步衰退,北京仍在外交政策上態度軟化,以免反中勢力在它的門口集結。

(BBC, 2018/2/14)

Japan’s worries about North Korea’s ‘charm offensive’ 日本擔心北韓的魅力攻勢

For Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, watching from across the Sea of Japan, the goings on at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang are making for uncomfortable viewing.

Speaking about the Olympics a few days ago, former South Korean Vice Foreign Minister Kim Sung-Han declared: “North Korea clearly appears to be winning gold”.

He didn’t mean its athletes, he meant North Korea’s extraordinary switch from firing missiles to an all-out embrace of the Pyeongchang Olympics, so much so, some have started referring to it as the “Pyongyang Olympics” after the capital of North Korea.

Mr Abe would almost certainly agree. In an interview before the games began, his foreign minister, Taro Kono, told me he was worried South Koreans could be taken in by the North’s “charm offensive”.

對隔著日本海旁觀的日本首相安倍晉三而言,平昌冬季奧運所發生的事讓他看得十分不安。南韓前副外交部長金聖翰幾天前就宣稱,[北韓很明顯已贏了金牌..] 他指的不是北韓運動員,而是北韓非比尋常的大轉向,從試射飛彈到全面擁抱平昌奧運,誇張的程度已經讓有些人開始把這次冬奧稱為平壤奧運。


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