Hand over fistat a very fast pace; for money and merchandise to be exchanged rapidly 快速(賺錢或賠錢) easily and in large amounts


I was at two of your stores and there were long lines of people at both. If you’re not making money hand over fist, something is terribly wrong.

(WV News, 2018/3/17)

Sports entities that are considered nonprofits (the NCAA and NFL are two major ones) rake in money hand over fist, but do so without having to pay taxes or without having much of a bill owed to the IRS.


(Los Angeles Times, 2017/9/7)

Amazon.com announced Thursday that it’s launching a search for a second headquarters in North America. The $5-billion project — and the prospect of 50,000 new jobs — already has sent cities scrambling to land the deal.( ….)

This year, Amazon will make its first foray into film distribution when it releases Woody Allen’s “Wonder Wheel” in December. In the past, Amazon has partnered with indie distributors, including Roadside Attractions and Bleecker Street, to bring its movies to cinemas.

“Amazon is investing hand over fist in entertainment content,” said Tom Forte, senior research analyst at D.A. Davidson. “So that element would be a slam dunk.”


今年亞馬遜還將首度跨入電影發行,十二月即將發行伍迪艾倫的[愛情摩天輪]。之前它也曾跟獨立製片及發行公司合作過。戴維森公司資深分析師Tom Forte說,[亞馬遜公司大量投資影視內容,所以(假如第二個總部設在洛杉磯)這會是強有力的一招。]

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