As rescue and recovery efforts in Hualien continue, celebs are sending their love and extending a helping hand to those affected by Tuesday’s magnitude 6 earthquake.

5-man band Mayday announced today that their company B’in Music is setting aside $5-million NT for relief efforts.

Singers Amei, Jam Hsiao, Amber Kuo, and model Lin Chiling each donated $2-million.

Girl group S.H.E expressed their concern for victims and their families, with member Ella donating $1-million NT towards work in the area.

From overseas….

Hollywood actress Milla Jovovich expressed her condolences on social media in Chinese, hoping that everyone in Taiwan would be safe.

TWICE member Chou Tzuyu posted a photo on her IG account this morning, saying she was praying for everyone’s safety and hoping for as little damage as possible.

The post received 130-thousand likes within a hour.

Japanese model and actor Hiroshi Abe was in Taiwan today for an ad campaign, and immediately took the opportunity to encourage emergency workers and all those involved.

The 53-year-old star is also donating $2.7 million NT to towards relief efforts.

Actress, comedian and fashion force Naomi Watanabe expressed her concern and encouragement for Taiwan and Hualien in the early hours this morning.

PPAP star Pikotaro also took to social media, expressing his love for Taiwan, calling on Japan to return Taiwan’s kindness after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami off Japan’s Pacific Coast.

And actor and musician Takeshi Tsuruno put his artistic talents to use, drawing a boy and a girl hugging a bandaged Open Chan over a map of Taiwan, with the hashtag #prayfortaiwan

photos source: Mayday Facebook (top), Milla Jovovich Facebook (second), TWICE IG (third), Takeshi Tsuruno Twitter (bottom)