Once in a blue moon–rarely, 久久才一次,罕見

The term “blue moon” is something of a misnomer, because an actual blue moon-that is, the appearance of a second full moon in the same calendar month-occurs every 32 months or so. Further, the moon can appear blue in color at any time, depending on weather conditions.

Examples: 1) My sister lives in Iceland, so I only see her once in a blue moon.

2) A: “Does your husband ever bring you flowers?” B: “Yeah, he does that once in a blue moon.

(New York Times, 2015/8/17)

Once in a Blue Moon…That’s Neither Blue Nor Rare

Once every two or three years, a blue moon will grace our sky. This Friday, look up and you’ll see it.

It won’t be blue, nor really as rare as the saying might imply. You might say its specialness is simply that it is extra. The popular definition is that it is the second full moon in a calendar month. A truly blue-colored moon can result following a dust storm or volcanic eruption when super tiny dust particles refract blue light. That’s rare.

每兩到三年,藍月就美美地出現在天空,這星期五不妨抬頭仰望一下。但它既不會是藍色,也不像”once in a blue moon”這個片語所隱含的意思那麼罕見。藍月之所以特別,是因為它是多出來的滿月。藍月最為人接受的定義是,它是陽曆一個月裡面第二次滿月。真正藍色的月亮通常是因為沙塵暴或是火山爆發,空氣中微小的灰塵分子折射出藍光。這就很稀奇了。

(NBC News, 2017/1/6)

Nationwide, 32 states and 73 million people from coast to coast are under winter advisories, warnings and watches Friday.

In the West, up to 5 feet of snow covered parts of the Sierra and Rocky Mountains this week, causing delays and cancellations at the Denver airport. And in drought-stricken southern California, much-needed rain fell — but it left one man stranded in the swollen Los Angeles River in Silver Lake Thursday, forcing a swift-water rescue.

In the South, where big winter storms come once in a blue moon, officials warned people to prepare for the worst.


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