Local instant noodles brands are beating out foreign imports in the contest to please Taiwan taste buds.

Data from local hypermart chains show that  Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor’s Hua-diao Wine Chicken Noodles, Sesame Oil Chicken Noodles and Beef Noodles with Pickles are three of the top five best-selling instant noodle brands at RT-Mart this year.

The other two on the list are Wei-wei A (味味-A) Pork Noodles and Wei-li (維力) Noodles with Bean Paste.

PX Mart, Taiwan’s largest supermarket chain, says instant noodles priced between 89 and 100 NT a bowl are the most popular in their stores.

However, PX Mart says products from other countries have attracted a lot of fans as well.

Meanwhile A-Mart says total sales of instant noodles have increased by 20 percent this year, and the number of brands has also jumped by 30 percent compared with last year.


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