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Rain in Taiwan for Reality TV Show

Rain in Taiwan for Reality TV Show

Korean singer actor Rain arrived in Taiwan earlier today in his first public appearance since becoming a father last month. The multi-talented star arrived at Taoyuan International Airport early this morning to a crowd of screaming fans, and boarded a bus with his co-stars to head to Yehliu in Northern Taiwan. The group is expected...Continue reading
English in the News--On a Roll 鴻運當頭,運勢正旺

English in the News–On a Roll 鴻運當頭,運勢正旺

On a roll: in the midst of a series of successes 正在連串成功或是勝利的時刻 Examples: 1) Don’t stop me now. I’m on a roll. 2) Once you get on a roll you feel as though you’re unbeatable. (Reuters Business News, 6/29, 2017) Reuters poll: Global stock markets still on a roll, led by Europe, Asia  路透社調查顯示全球股市在歐洲和亞洲領導下,將持續上揚 Global stock market indexes are set for more gains by...Continue reading