Man up—Be brave or tough, be responsible, do the things that good men are traditionally expected to do, such as providing for their families 要像個男子漢 (man is a verb here)

Examples: 1) You need to man up and admit that you were wrong.

2) A: “I don’t want to go in there. They’d be staring at me.”

B: “Come on, man up! They will find you most charming.

(New York Times, 2016/6/8)

Donald Trump has some advice for panicked Republicans in Washington who are melting down over his most incendiary statements: Man up.

“Politicians are so politically correct, they can’t breathe,” Mr. Trump said in an interview Tuesday afternoon as fellow Republicans forcefully protested his ethnically charged criticism of a federal judge (who’s Mexican).

“The people are tired of this political correctness when things are said that are totally fine,” he said. “It is out of control. It is gridlock with their mouths.”

川普給華府那些因為他的煽動言語而緊張萬分的共和黨員一個忠告: [做個男子漢吧!]

他在訪問中說: [政治人物如此想要政治正確,已讓他們無法呼吸。] 此言肇因於共和黨人士強烈抗議川普針對一位墨西哥裔的法官,帶有種族歧視色彩的評論。他說:[ 這些發言根本沒什麼,民眾其實很厭煩這些政治正確,簡直失控,嘴巴都打結了。]

(Los Angeles Times, 2016/11/28)

Clippers must ‘just man up and play,’ DeAndre Jordan says after a two-game skid

中鋒狄安瑞喬丹在連輸兩場之後說:[快艇隊必須像個男人,好好打球! ]

Sound: ICRT podcast

Photo: NY Times