To have other (bigger) fish to fry—to have other more important things to do 有別的要緊事要做

Example: I hope the boss will keep the meeting short. We all have other fish to fry.

To have too many fish to fry—有太多事要忙

(Australia Financial Review, 2016/09/01)

Hangzhou G20 meeting has too many fish to fry


Next week’s G20 is being held both at an unfortunate place and time. Notwithstanding the protestations of participants, and China’s wish for the Summit to rev up the engines of the world economy, attention will be everywhere else other than on common efforts required to return the world to solid growth.


(The Express Tribune, 2017/02/10)

Curiously enough, the itchy fingers of President Trump halted attacking the two congresswomen on his Twitter post. Nor does he resort to name-calling. Perhaps he has bigger fish to fry this Monday.


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