Hollywood seems to be full of celebrities who have children later in life, and pop star Janet Jackson is now leading the pack, announcing yesterday at the age of 50, the birth of her son.

Here are a few Taiwan celebs that have also given birth past their mid-30s:

Annie Yi (伊能靜), gave birth at age 47

Annie gave birth to her daughter in June last year, and has publicly spoken about hair loss and feeling herself aging as her child grows.

She is currently taking time away from work to focus on her daughter and her family.


Vivian Hsu (徐若瑄), gave birth at age 40

Vivian was on strict bed-rest for nearly five months of her pregnancy, unable to shower, and eventually suffering muscular dystrophy in her calves.

Reports say she swallowed 13 pills each day, and had 300 injections after checking into a hospital for her extended stay.

Vivian nicknamed herself “Iron V” for the ordeal, and says it was all worth it in the end.


Christine Fan (范瑋琪), gave birth at age 38

Christine carried double the weight while she was pregnant with her twin boys.

She reportedly suffered some hair loss due to hormones and medication, but is now fully recovered and back at work, with a world tour concert series set for this year.


photo source: 伊能靜 , 徐若瑄 Vivian Hsu , 范范 范瑋琪