Charlie Puth came to share his good voice with fans and was deeply fascinated by Taiwan.

The talented young artist Charlie Puth had his first concert in Taiwan on August 16, this past Tuesday. The tickets were sold out in 10 minutes after they were available.

In the interview before the concert, he tasted famous Taiwan cuisines such as xiaolongbao and bubble milk tea. He even described bubble milk tea as “unbelievably delicious.”


Being asked about his first impression of Taiwan, he commented “The swimming pool is clean.” And he also said he didn’t expect to be so popular here, with his music having topped 11 song charts in Taiwan.

In his show, he brought several hit songs like “Marvin Gaye”, “Losing My Mind”, and ended with his masterpiece “See You Again”, which was featured in the soundtrack of the action flick “Fast and Furious 7”, giving the audience a beautiful night.



Photo source: 妞新聞niusnews, Charlie Puth’s Twitter

Compiled by Allen Liu