Ariel Lin My Egg Boy Rhydian Vaughan movie

Actress Ariel Lin got a taste of “drinking on the job” for a major scene in her upcoming movie, “My Egg Boy”.

The star portrays a woman in her 30’s dealing with the end of a relationship and questions of fertility.

For a surreal sequence in which her character has a drunken conversation with a sperm cell, Lin, who rarely drinks alcohol, downed 300 mL of sake to ensure a true-to-life performance.

Although Lin got a lot of teasing from staff on set for being too drunk to remember her lines, she insists that she was woozy, but still lucid.

Ariel Lin My Egg Boy Rhydian Vaughan

The actress with a squeaky-clean image points out that she only missed one line, out of 3 pages of script.

And she says even though she cracked jokes about napping between takes, she was actually reviewing her lines silently with her eyes closed and head down.

The star still advises her fans to drink responsibly.

“My Egg Boy”, starring Lin along with British-Taiwanese actor Rhydian Vaughn, opens in theaters on September 23rd.

photo source: My Egg Boy Facebook