Chou Tzuyu 周子瑜 crying TWICE kpop

Kpop group member Chou Tzuyu broke down in tears on an episode of a South Korean variety show recently.

The 17-year old star hailing from Tainan was all smiles after tasting a dish on “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator”.

She said the food tasted like what she used to have at home with her family, and she felt very fortunate and happy to be enjoying the dish.

But when a host asked if she thought of her mother when she tasted such food, Chou became emotional and could not hold back her tears.

Chou Tzuyu 周子瑜 crying TWICE Taiwan kpop

Bandmate Jeongyeon comforted Chou, and said that Chou didn’t even cry when they won first place in a music competition recently, and must be really missing her mother.

Chou Tzuyu 周子瑜 jeongyeon crying TWICE kpop

Tzuyu and TWICE fans immediately flooded social media with messages of sympathy and comfort, with some pointing out that even though Chou has remained positive and mature throughout her internship and incidents like “flag-gate”, she is still a young girl.

Today, a posting appeared on the band’s official Facebook page, with a photo of Chou, and the message “ONCE & TWICE will be always with you, TZUYU.”

Chou Tzuyu 周子瑜 crying Taiwan TWICE Facebook kpop

Full video below:


photos and video source: JTBC Youtube