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We discuss the ongoing China Airlines strike, which has managed to attract activists of many stripes, the controversial transitional justice bill as it crawls its way through the Legislative Yuan, and the latest case of Taiwanese phone fraud suspects getting deported from country X to China.

downloadIn the second half we take an in-depth and long overdo look at an environmental disaster in Vietnam some allege has been caused by a Taiwanese company.


We also talk about the city councilors that missed most of a talk on internet addiction because they were too focused on their smartphones. So it’s not all bummer.



Keith Menconi and Gavin Phipps of ICRT News


Taiwan based contract reporter Ralph Jennings

Brian Hioe (丘琦欣), one of the founding editors at New Bloom, an online publication bringing Taiwan news and current events to audiences around the world

Giang Nguyen, the editor and chief of Loa, a weekly podcast covering current events in Vietnam

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