Lin Chiling Taiwan model host actress

Supermodel Lin Chiling spent 9 hours trapped at Taoyuan International Airport yesterday, as the show went on without her at Shanghai Disneyland.

The 41-year-old model was slated to be the guest of honor at the premiere of The Lion King musical, part of the runnup to the official opening of the 6th Disneyland in the world.

The event would have put her on the red carpet next to fellow guest of honor and former NBA player Yao Ming.

Instead, torrential downpours in northern Taiwan last night, left the model and host sitting in a VIP lounge while Yao worked the press line without her.

Lin Chiling model Taoyuan International Airport rain Taiwan

Lin finally made her way to Shanghai Disneyland around noon today, touring the park grounds wearing bedazzled Minnie Mouse ears, and matching accessories.


photo source: 林志玲 Instagram (top), 林志玲 Weibo (middle)