AFNT DJ Bob Smith interviewing Chubby Checker, 1963

AFNT DJ Bob Smith interviewing Chubby Checker, 1963

We bring Taiwan Talk live on air to the Morning Show hosted by Terry Engel to revisit a time when English language radio in Taiwan all came from ICRT’s predecessor, Armed Forces Network in Taiwan. Listen in to this very special episode as we bring classic moments from the AFNT era back to Taiwan’s airwaves for the first time in decades.

In this episode, we discuss the legacy of AFNT in Taiwan, and take a look what’s changed, and what’s stayed the same over the years in English language radio. Do you have any memories of AFNT? Please share them in the comments section below!



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Guests: Keith Perron of PCJ Radio International, who has been working to digitize some classic AFNT tapes

Mary Wang, AFNT receptionist

Mary Wang, AFNT receptionist

George Smith, who is currently a public affairs officer for the American Forces Network, and previously worked as a DJ for the network in Thailand, Korea and Germany

Tony Scott, a veteran of radio currently hosting programs for AFN Legacy and a commercial station in Charlotte, North Carolina; Tony got his start in radio hosting a Saturday morning program on AFNT

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Photos courtesy of Keith Perron