Authorities remind people in northern Taiwan of an anti-air drill on April 18th.

The National Police Agency says the drill will be held in Taipei, New Taipei, Ji-long, Yi-lan, Tao-yuan and Xin-zhu between 1:30 and 2 PM next Monday.

萬安The N-P-A says the thirty-minute drill includes evacuation of people and vehicles, traffic restrictions, and disaster relief and rescue.

After the alarm sounds at 1:30, all pedistrians should take shelter while automobile drivers should follow police officers’ directions to pull up to the roadside.

萬安 1But officials say all Taiwan Railways and the High-speed Rail trains, as well as Taipei Metro system will run as normal.

Cars on the freeway won’t be affected either, nor will the landing and take-off of aircraft.

The annual drill is organized by the National Defense Ministry.

photos source: Epoch Times and