Jay Chou Green Hornet car customs taxes Black Beauty

Taiwan singer and business mogul Jay Chou might NOT get to have his cake and eat it too.

The Taipei High Administrative Court ruled against the 37-year-old pop star today, after he claimed that the government overcharged him in taxes.

After starring in the Hollywood action flick “Green Hornet” in 2011, Chou had shipped one of the Imperial Crown sedans used in the film back to Taiwan as a souvenir.

Chou valued the vehicle at $5000 US dollars at the time, while Taiwan customs disagreed, and instead valued the “Black Beauty” at $60,000 US dollars.

Customs officials accused Chou of falsely lowering the value of the car to avoid paying taxes, and fined the singer almost $2.6 million NT.

Responding to the High Administrative Court’s ruling today, Chou says he will appeal the decision.

The star states that he is acting on a matter of principal.


photo source: Jay Chou Facebook