2015 Taiwan KOM Challenge cycling king of the mountain

French cyclist Damien Frederic Monier has won the 2015 Taiwan KOM challenge, coming in ahead of over 400 competitors from 32 countries.

The contenders took off from Hualien’s Qi-xing-tan Beach at 6:30 this morning, passing through Taroko Gorge, and finally reaching Wu-ling on He-huan Mountain at various times this afternoon.

Race organizers say Monier took the top prize of $1-million NT with his time of 3 hours, 34 min. and 19 seconds.

The best time for female competitors went to Japan’s Eri Yonaming, while Taiwan’s Feng Jun-kai placed top among Taiwan racers, and finished 7th overall.

Taiwan’s 105-km KOM challenge has been named by France’s Le Cycle magazine, as one of the top ten toughest races in the world.


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