NASA Taiwan Exhibition Human Adventure

The NASA — A Human Adventure exhibition will be held in Taiwan in May 2016 to present 300 space objects, including moon landers and equipment used during the Apollo and Space Shuttle programs.

Taiwan is the eighth stop of the exhibition around the world and the fourth in Asia.

The show is expected to be held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall from May 30-Sept.30, 2016.

Among the 300 items to be displayed during the exhibition will include the flight controller, rocket and lunar rover used for the Apollo moon landing missions.

In addition, visitors will also see astronaut suits, simulated sleeping compartments, and the equipment for astronauts to take baths, as well as food for the missions, including hamburger buns, compressed cheese cracker cubes and Italian mixed vegetables.
NASA Taiwan Exhibition Human Adventure space

As part of the NASA exhibition next year, a special exhibition will be held to commemorate Taiwan’s technological contributions to international space exploration.

Organizers of the Taiwan leg of the exhibition tour, say Taiwan’s National Space Organization has maintained technological cooperation with NASA, though the scope of the cooperation has not been well known in recent years due to complicated international political factors.

The special Taiwan exhibition will be held May 30-Sept.30, 2016 at the National Taiwan Science Education Center in Shihlin, Taipei.


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