Taipei’s subway system will begin accepting Kaoxiong’s iPass smartcards in September.

However, EasyCard holders will have to wait until next year to enjoy cashless travel on Gaoxiong metro system.

Easycard Investment Holdings Chairman Kenneth Lin says company’s stored value EasyCard will be accepted by Gaoxiong’s metro system next March at the earliest.

The Gaoxiong Rapid Transit Corporation has said new card readers will be installed at the entrances of all stations by next July at the latest.

But the EasyCard Corporation says if there are any delays to that schedule, it will set up EasyCard card readers at all Gaoxiong Metro stations at its own expense.

Taipei and Kaohsiung had been at odds over the use of their respective stored value cards for public transportation use – with each side accusing the other of restricting competition.



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