Japanese star Takuya Kimura has been shooting a promotional short film for Taiwan this morning in a hot-spring hotel in New Taipei’s Wulai, the third day of his stop in Taiwan.

Many of his fans followed him there but as the hotel’s windows are all blocked by black curtains and wooden planks, they can hardly get a glimpse of the star.

Kimura is due to finish all shooting today and go back to Japan tomorrow.

The short film, directed by Hong Kong director John Woo, aims to attract more Japanese and Asian tourists to Taiwan.

Kimura worked for hours yesterday morning at Taipei’s Neihu flowers market, had a half-hour break and then shot more footage at ShiJian University in the afternoon.

He also met with Taiwan’s super model Lin Zhi-ling last night. The two cooperated for Japanese TV drama “Moon Lovers” five years ago.


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