A new type of toast from a bakery in Yi-Lan County is making international news.

Watermelon Toast – as its known – may taste nothing like the fruit from which it draws its name – but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming new trend here in Taiwan and photos of the green and pink, or green and yellow loaves from making the international tabloids.

Jimmy’s Bakery in Yi-Lan County only bakes some 100 loaves per day, but hundreds of people line-up daily to get their hands on a loaf.

The bread is made with charcoal, green tea and strawberry food coloring to create the bright colors of the seeds, rind and flesh.

The bread is also sold with yellow ‘flesh’.

Hundreds of people have uploaded photos and videos of the snack to social media.

Bakery owner Lee Wen-fa reportedly created the colorful bread to appeal to children who had lost their appetite in the hot summer months.


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