A young Siberian white crane that accidentally migrated to a northern Taiwan wetland last December has captured the attention of people in Taiwan.

The young white crane, about one year old, flew into the Chingshui Wetland in Jinshan, New Taipei on Dec. 13th.

It was the first time in recent memory that a Siberian crane, a species in danger of extinction, had landed in Taiwan.

The migratory bird lives in eastern Russia and migrates to Boyang Lake in central China for the winter.

Its usual overwintering habitat has been damaged as a result of the Three Gorges Dam construction along the Yangtze River.

Local officials say the crane has survived attacks by stray dogs and ospreys, and is often seen with an egret, searching for food in the wetland and on nearby farms.

The young bird, which might have lost contact with its flock, has even attracted the attention of some Australian and Japanese birders, who came to Taiwan to see the bird.


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