Reuters is reporting that US-based Jamba Juice is hoping to open its first outlet in Taiwan.

According to the report, the California-based maker of health drinks hopes to open its flagship store in Taipei as early as this summer.

Quan Huang Gourmet Company, Jamba’s franchise partner, says Jamba estimates about 90 percent of the recipes will be the same as the original.

Jamba Juice uses fresh fruits and vegetables in all its drinks and smoothies and does not add preservatives.

Reports say that the company is hoping to eventually establish 35 stores islandwide, and beverages will cost between NT$100 and NT$150.

The Jamba Juice menu is broken down into:

Energy Bowls: a blend of real whole fruit, fresh Greek yoghurt and/or soymilk and topped with an assortment of dry toppings and fresh fruits. Bowls are further broken down into Acai bowls (a crowd favourite), fruit and yoghurt bowls and simply Greek yoghurt bowls.

Juices: Freshly-squeezed, made on-the-spot juices with flavours such as Tropical Greens, Citrus Kick, Veggie Harvest, Orange Reviver, Great Greens, Apple-Ade, Carrot Cayenne, Garden Medley, Orange Carrot Twist, Orange Berry Antioxidant, Kale Orange Power and many more.

Smoothies: Made from real whole fruit and 100 percent fruit juice, blended-to-order smoothies. Some classic flavours include Aloha Pineapple, Banana Berry, Caribbean Passion, Mango-A-Go-Go, Peach Pleasure, Razzmatazz, Strawberry Wild, Strawberry Surf Rider.

All stores offer the “Make it Light” option, which cuts the calorie, carbs and sugar by one third. There is also the option of adding a “boost” to your drink, which will help you power through the day. Jamba Juice menus also list the number of calories contained in each bowl and beverage of every size. Perfect for the health-conscious you.

Jamba Juice is also well-known in the States for its not-so-secret secret menu with some funky names and flavours such as “Gummy Bear” (it really does taste like gummy bears!), “Berry Depressing”, “Andres Surprise”, “Dream Machine”, “Dirty Orgasm”, “Hello Jesus” and “Thank You Jesus”.


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