The Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival – the “Asian Oscars” – hosted an array of professional talent, aspiring filmmakers and cinematic achievements this past weekend.

Chinese film “Blind Massage” unexpectedly won best feature film at the 51st awards ceremony Saturday.

Director Lou Ye used professional and amateur blind actors to chronicle the lives and loves of blind masseurs in Nanjing, China.

The film, based on Bi Feiyu’s novel, won awards in six out of seven categories, including best adapted screenplay, editing and best newcomer for Zhang Lei.

The predicted best feature film winner, “Black Coal, Thin Ice,” only took home an award for art direction.

The thriller follows a detective investigating three murders that all lead to one woman.

Earlier this year it was crowned Golden Bear best picture award at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Chinese actor Chen Jianbin won best new director, best directed screenplay and best lead actor for “A Fool,” where he portrays a farmer who takes in a homeless man.

He became the first person to win best new director, best lead actor and supporting actor in the same night—Chen also performed in Taiwanese military drama “Paradise in Service.”

Hong Kong’s Ann Hui was named best director for “The Golden Era,” a biopic about novelist Xiao Hong.

Chen Shiang-chyi from the film “Exit” was the only Taiwanese nominee to seize a major award.

She beat out Gong Li, well-known for her work with director Zhang Yimou, for the coveted best actress title.

Aside from the award competition, this weekend’s celebration included the Film Festival to introduce excellent films to a Taiwanese audience, the Film Project Promotion to facilitate relationships between Chinese filmmakers and international industry professionals, and the Film Academy to foster aspiring filmmakers.

Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival attracted celebrities from all over the world. Chinese actress Zhang Yizi made a guest appearance.

Hollywood actress Lily Collins served as presenter for the ceremony at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall- here she posed with Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin.

Attempting "blue steel" at "golden horse" with @chenbolin. Epic fail? #presenterpartnerincrime #goldenhorseawards…

Lily Collins(@lilyjcollins)張貼的相片 於 張貼

For a comprehensive look at the festival, including trailers, visit its website.

Feature and Gong Li image via Taipei Golden Horse Film festival. “Black Coal, Thin Ice” image via , Chen Jianbin image via, Lily Collins image via her Instagram.