A repaired historic site, featuring re-creations of classrooms during the Qing Dynasty, attracted more than 10-thousand visitors during its opening in Kaohsiung this weekend.

The Greater Kaohsiung Fongyi Academy was built in 1814, during the 19th year of Qing emporer Jiaqing, and contains a small temple dedicated to the Taoist god of culture and literature, including exams.

The building was repurposed during the Japanese colonial period.

A ceremony last Friday recognized the academy as a site for the worship of the god Wenchang, and for maintaining the traditional style of Confusian literary education.

Fongyi Academy is open to the public Tuesday to Friday, and Sunday, from 10:30am to 5:30pm.

Closing time on Saturday and national holidays is extended to 7pm.


image via Wikimedia Commons