Film Taiwan Action

Grab your camera and phone and start recording because the Taiwan Tourism Bureau and Google have launched a one of kind video competition!

The contest, dubbed, “[Anytime for Taiwan] Film Taiwan, Action!”, is asking tourists and film enthusiasts to help promote travel in Taiwan by sharing their stories and the majestic beauty of Taiwan. The grand prize winner will receive a ticket to anywhere in the world!

The Head of Communications at Google Taiwan and Hong Kong Caroline Xu also spoke with ICRT about the project.

She said while the event primarily aims at attracting more foreign participants, she highly encourages local residents to take part in to help promote the beautiful island and it dynamic culture.

She also gave some tips about what the judges will be looking for from the video entries before they decide on the biggest winner.

Winners will be selected by the Tourism Bureau based on the number of online votes. Even if you don’t make it to the top 10 or win the big prize, you won’t go home empty handed. If you receive 1,000 votes on YouTube you’ll be able to receive NT$1,000 (1 vote = NT$1). You could win up to a total maximum of NT$2 million, for use as a travel subsidy in Taiwan.

Anyone interested in the competition should upload their five minute or less video to YouTube at the Anytime for Taiwan- Film Taiwan, Action! page.

Contest ends August 2015, so get filming!

Image via Anytime for Taiwan