Lin Hui-bin, an all-around pop music professional, now holds the position of Executive Manager at Wonder Music, a studio that cultivates and promote independent bands. So far at least three bands have flourished under his tutelage:  Won Fu, Tizzy Bac and Totem, an aboriginal group.

What are the most important elements that he’d be looking for in an up and coming band? Creativity, he said.  A band needs to have a lot of creativity in its songs and lyrics to fully express what it intends to express.

He will also look at how a group presents itself on stage. Stage fright is very common, and he can understand it, but a qualified group who has practiced enough should still be able to carry themselves through the performance reasonably well.

Even in this tough economic times, Lin said he still encourages young people who’re very much interested in pop music to pursue such a career  with gusto.  But he also offers one advice for them: try to find qualities that distinguish themselves from others.