Episode Description

In this interview we speak to an American expat who’s been working in Taiwan for more than ten years as a performer, director and producer;  in the process he’s built up an impressive resume of film and stage work, and even launched his own production companies.

Most recently he established the experimental theater The Lab in Taipei and through that theater is currently offering a series of Master Acting Classes to make the expertise of international professionals available to performers right here in Taipei.

You can learn more about the series of master acting classes here.

Here’s the blog for his stage production company, Butterfly Effect Theater.


And here’s the Facebook page for his stage production company along with his screen production company, Ripple Productions.

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Recommended reading

Here’s a recent profile of today’s guest along with one from a few year’s back. The second article (from 2009) goes a bit more into his commercial work in Taiwan than we had time for in the interview.

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